Social Security Disability Revealed: 

Why it's so hard to access benefits and what you can do about it

Book description:

A former Social Security Administration (SSA) disability decision writer goes behind the scenes to show you why it’s so difficult to win a Social Security Disability case. Working as an Attorney Advisor for over 10 years, the author drafted and reviewed thousands of disability decisions. During this time, he learned why the system is stacked against the claimant throughout the process. After he left SSA, he wanted to make this knowledge available to everyone.

Written in 2022, the author reveals the inner workings of the disability system, explaining how the system works – and doesn’t. Using hypothetical examples and a glossary, this book breaks down the complicated disability rules, timelines, jargon, and processes. This book is for claimants, representatives, family, friends, counselors, caregivers, social workers, case workers, advocates, and anyone who interacts with disability applicants.

After reading this book, you will better understand what claimants go through, why the Social Security regulations make it so difficult to file and win a disability case, and what you can do to improve your chances of success. The author presents the timeline of a typical case, and takes you through a disability hearing. He lays out what medical information SSA considers to be the best evidence for a variety of medical impairments, and he explains the impact of drug or alcohol use on case outcomes.

These insights will help you protect your rights, and will help you present the best possible case to the Judge. This information can prevent unpleasant surprises, delays, and disappointments. The book also includes an overview of your appeal options, and explains why having a representative improves your chances of success. The book concludes with advice on how to improve the delivery of public benefits.

Topics covered include:

Spencer Bishins is an attorney licensed to practice law in Florida and Washington State.